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l  修讀學程相關規定(實施對象)

  1. 凡本校大學部及研究所之學生,均得申請修讀本學程。
  2. 學程應修學分數為十五學分,其中至少包括三門必修科目。應修科目至少有9學分不屬於學生主修、輔系或其他學程應修之科目。
  3. 因本學分學程主要由中心遴選在科學及臨床方面具有學識和經驗之教授教導,因此必修或選修課程,必須為課程指定授課老師,如選其他教授授課之同名課程,即使科號相同,本學程無法承認此學分。
  4. 若學生認為曾修過同名課程,內容相似而申請抵免,需向本中心提出申請給予筆試,以確保學生具備語言治療應有之基礎知識。
  5. 碩士班課程或有規定高年級以上才能修習之課程,學生無法直接上網點選可透過加簽申請選修。
  6. 本學程學分之認定如有爭議,由本學程課程委員會審議決定之。
  7. 修滿學程規定之科目與學分者,得申請由學校發給「語言治療學分學程」修讀證明。如有抵免或其他疑問請聯絡認知與心智科學中心




English version:


Program of Speech and Language Therapy


    Language plays an important role in human cognition. The demand for language disorder therapy is increasing along with the popularization of this field. However, Taiwan is lacking in the medical technology, resources, and manpower in treating language impairment. In order to improve the quality of speech and language therapy specialists, we integrate both the university’s specializations—language and neurosciences, to ensure that our students are well equipped with skills that enable them to step into jobs related to technology, healthcare industry or other interdisciplinary areas in the future.


    This program not only provides conventional speech and language therapy training, it also includes the most recent findings and treatments from abroad. We nurture students who are professional, resourceful and inventive. In near future, students would have outstanding performances in both clinical treatments and research execution. This way, we could serve the society and people better.


    The program of speech and language therapy is open to everyone in the university. We hope to further discuss with departments of medical and information specializations from within or outside of the university. By developing new technologies and software, we are able to raise the standard of speech and language therapy in Taiwan and open up new visions and career paths for students.



  •   Regulations
  1. All undergraduate and graduate students of National Tsing Hua University may apply for this program.
  2. The credit requirement for this program is 15 credits, which includes 3 required subjects. At least 9 credits of the subjects taken must not be the required subjects of the student’s major, minor or required by other programs.
  3. The center has assigned specific professors specializing in science and clinical fields to conduct the courses. Students must select the required or elective courses taught by assigned lecturers. Otherwise, the credit will not be recognized even if it has the same course name and course number.
  4. If a student had previously taken a course with the same name that shares similar content and syllabus, and request for an exemption, the student will have to apply for a qualifying test. This is to ensure that the student has the required knowledge for speech and language therapy.
  5. Courses that are limited to students of the graduate department or in third year (or above) are unable to be selected via online course selection system. Students may apply through extra selection.
  6. These regulations and their amendments take effect upon the approval by the academic affair committee meeting of the program.
  7. Students who have accomplished the required courses and credits will be awarded a certificate of speech and language therapy by the university. Please contact Centre for Cognition and Mind Sciences for further clarification on credit exemption or any other issues.

※For more information, kindly refer to the website of Division of Curriculum.