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執行計畫 Projects


科技部  功能性磁振造影與擴散張量影像應用於認知網路增強之研究(103.02.01~105.08.31)

科技部  右腦側化與語言記憶功能關聯在不同年齡層的比較(104.08.01~105.07.31)

科技部  高齡社會溝通、行為、與認知之研究-子計畫六:老年人認知訓練溝通情緒憶能改善研究-神經網路改變和溝通模式分析(105.08.01~107.07.31)

國衛院  老化輕度認知障礙阿茲海莫默症與白質變化的關係(4/5)(105.01.01~105.12.31)

工研院  光照治療法(105.01.01~105.12.31)

教育部  國立清華大學兩岸清華合作研究計畫-漢語和漢語手語的不同腦認知機制的研究(105.01.01~105.12.31)

教育部  學海A+計畫-歐美頂尖醫學機構蹲點佈局(104.09.01~105.08.31)


工研院  光照治療法(腦電波)(104.07.01~104.12.31)

國衛院  老化輕度認知障礙阿茲海莫默症與白質變化的關係(1-3 /5)(102.01.01 ~ 104.12.31)

科技部  以磁振造影探索大學生對英語譬喻句之理解(101.08.01~102.11.30)

科技部  語文推理之神經基礎(101.03.01~103.12.31)



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Recent Projects

MOST   A study of the application of MRI and DTI on enhancing cognitive networks (103.02.01~105.08.31)

MOST   Comparing the lateralization of right brain function and memory on different age groups (104.08.01~105.07.31)

MOST   Geriatric communications, behaviours and cognitive research-Subproject 6: Improving cognitive ability in older adults- Change of neural network and communication pattern analysis (105.08.01~107.07.31)

NHRI     A study of the correlation between MCI: Alzheimer's disease and change of white matter (4/5) (105.01.01~105.12.31)

ITRI       Phototherapy (105.01.01~105.12.31)

MOE     Bilateral Tsing Hua Collaboration Research Project- A study of Different Brain Cognitive Mechanisms of Chinese Language and Chinese Sign Language (105.01.01~105.12.31)

MOE     Short term professional internship at top medical institutions in Europe (104.09.01~105.08.31)



Previous Projects

ITRI       Phototherapy (EEG) (104.07.01~104.12.31)

NHRI     A study of the correlation between MCI: Alzheimer's disease and changes of white matter (1-3 /5) (102.01.01 ~ 104.12.31)

MOST   Investigating college student’s comprehension of English metaphors through MRI (101.08.01~102.11.30)

MOST   The neurological basis of language inferencing (101.03.01~103.12.31)