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繼續教育辦法 Terms and Policies



1.       專業課程:藝術治療系列課程及其他中心或合作單位開設之課程等。   

2.       專業倫理。

3.       專業法規:語言治療師法、職能治療師、兒童褔利法、心理師法、精神衛生法。          


二、  繼續教育之實施方式與積分如下:

1.        參加並通過大學院校、財團法人自強基金會、學會、公會、協會、教學醫院或主管機關舉辦之課程,每小時積分一點;擔任授課者,每小時積分三點。

2.        參加認知與心智科學中心課程、學術研討會或國際學術研討會,每小時積分二點;發表論文或壁報者,每篇第一作者或口頭報告者積分四點,其他作者積分二點;擔任特別演講或教   育演講者,每場積分八點;擔任主持人、引言人或評論者,每場積分四點。

3.        參加國內相關學會、公會或協會舉辦之學術研討會,每小時積分一點;發表論文或壁報者,每篇第一作者或口頭報告者積分二點,其他作者積分一點;擔任特別演講或教育演講者,   每場積分四點;擔任主持人、引言人或評論者,每場積分二點。

4.        參加區域醫院以上醫院每月或每週臨床討論或專題演講之例行教學活動,每小時積分一點;擔任主要報告或演講者,每小時積分二點。

5.        參加網路繼續教育課程者,每次積分二點,最多不超過二十點。

6.        在大學院校講授護理學、醫學、藝術治療、職能治療、語言治療、臨床心理或諮商心理專業課程者,每小時積分二點,每學年至多以二十五點計;擔任新進藝術治療師、臨床心理     師、諮商心理師臨床實務訓練之督導或藝術治療、臨床心理、諮商心理實習課程之督導者,每小時積分一點,每年至多以二十五點計。

7.        在國內外護理學會、醫學會、藝術治療學會、職能治療學會、臨床心理或諮商心理雜誌發表相關論文或出版專業著作者,每篇論著之第一作者或通訊作者積分十五點,第二作者積分   七點,其他作者積分四點;發表個案報告者,每篇第一作者或通訊作者積分六點,第二作者積分三點,其他作者積分一點。

8.        在國內外大學或研究所進修護理學會、醫學會、藝術治療學會、職能治療學會、語言治療學會、臨床心理或諮商心理相關學位之相關課程者,每學分積分五點。每學年以二十五點     計。

   A.        於澎湖、金門、馬祖、綠島、蘭嶼等離島地區之專業認證會員,參加第一項各款繼續教育,其積分一點得以二點計。

   B.        前二項繼續教育課程及積分之採認,中央主管機關得委託相關專業團體辦理。



Terms & Policies of Continuing Education for Certified Students

I)   Students of the Center for Cognition and Mind Sciences are required to earn 150 credits from the courses of continuing education listed below every 6 years. At least one-third (50 credits) of the courses taken must be hosted/co-hosted/recognized by the center.

1.   Professional courses: Art Therapy courses and other courses offered by collaborated departments.

2.   Professional ethics.

3.   Professional regulations: Speech Language Pathology Act, Occupational Therapy Act, Child Welfare Act, Psychologists Act, Mental Health Law

The central authorities have rights to authorize professional organizations to review course credits obtained from part (I)(1)&(2). Qualified students will be awarded the certificate of completion by the respective organization. The certificate is valid for 6 years only.


II)   Implementation and credit recognition methods:

1.   Those who passed the courses offered by universities, Tze Chiang Foundation, associations, unions, institutions, teaching hospitals or competent authorities1 credit per hour.

Course instructors or lecturers3 credits per hour.  

2.   Participants of seminars or courses offered by the center—2 credits per hour.
Authors of published papers and posters—4 credits for first author or oral presenter; 2 credits for co-authors.
Guest speakers or educational speakers—8 credits per session.
Program host, presenter or commentator—4 credits per session.

3.   Participants of seminars organized by correlated associations, guilds or societies—1 credit per hour.
Authors of published papers and posters—2 credits for first author or oral presenter; 1 credit for co-authors.
Guest speakers and educational speakers—4 credits per session.
Program host, presenter or commentator —2 credits per session.

4.   Participants of regular lectures such as clinical discussions or keynote speeches organized by regional hospitals or above—1 credit per hour.
Main presenters or speakers—2 credits per hour.

5.   Participants of online continuing education courses—2 credits per session, 20 credits maximum.

6.   University lecturers of courses including Nursing, Medical Education, Art Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Clinical Psychology or Counselling Psychology—2 credits per hour, 25 credits maximum for every academic year.
Clinical practice supervisors of Art Therapists, Clinical Psychologists and Counselling Psychologists, or internship course supervisors for Art Therapy, Clinical Psychology and Counselling Psychology—1 credit per hour, 25 credits maximum for every academic year.

7.   Authors of professional works or published papers in journals of the Nurses Association, Medical Association, Art Therapy Association, Occupational Therapy Association, Clinical Psychology Association or Counselling Psychology Association—15 credits for first author or corresponding author; 7 credits for second author; 4 credits for co-authors.
Case report authors—6 credits for first author or corresponding author; 3 credits for second author; 1 credit for co-authors.

8.   Students who have taken courses related to Nursing, Medical Science, Art Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Clinical Psychology, or Counselling Psychology at universities or institutions within the country or abroad—5 credits for every earned credit, 25 credits maximum for every academic year.

(A)   Participants who are certified members from Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, Ludao, Lanyu or other offshore islands, and have taken part in continuing education courses of part(I)—credits earned will be doubled in the final calculation.

(B)   The central authorities could authorize professional organizations for the recognition of courses and credits in both part (I)&(II).


This regulation is effective immediately. Please prepare all required documents and complete the application before 31st March.
The format is available for download at the center’s website.